It's been a while since I've been on here! Christmas and New Years was awesome! I hope yours was as well!

But now I'm suffering from post-Christmas emptiness. We took down all the decorations today and the house is blank. All the fun of the holidays and the food and the family time and lights and the tree and... I could go on. So now life goes back to it's ordinary pace.

But it's a clean slate. Tabula rasa. Now that 2008 is over, we have a chance to start fresh. I think of all the resolutions people like to make; exercise, eating right, cutting back on spending, being there for kids, helping the homeless... That's great that a person wants to improve their life a little bit.

What if, this year, we were to make a new resolution. To listen, follow and share the words of Christ. All those other resolutions should be second to this. This is one we can't break on February 1st. In fact what if this resolution for 2009 wasn't just for 2009, but for the rest of our lives. Talk about improving your life? Do it.

Just a thought.