Last night at Chi Alpha, we talked about leaving a legacy. How do we want to be remembered. It could be anything! President, a rock star, a director, a friend, whatever! Jeff had us talk with each other about our greatest fear, our biggest dream, and what we want our legacy to be. I had never really though about how I wanted to be remembered. I remember in high school, we talked about existentialism, which, on it's most basic level, is a philosophy where if you haven't made a difference somewhere, it was as if you never existed. I kept thinking about how I could make a difference in someone's life. I think that my greatest fear is that I wouldn't have the courage to do so.

We all need to remember that we all have special gifts that have been given us for a greater plan. We can't squander those gifts and need to develop and use them. God has a plan that he wants us to be a part of, where each of us has a different legacy. I think we need to listen, follow, and do.

Just a thought.


Mo Lee said...

This post reminds me of It's A Wonderful Life, which is an incredible movie. What legacy do you want to leave??