Yesterday, I went to DC with a few friends to hang out with the homeless people that were in Franklin Square. It was actually a really nice day for December, and I only was cold toward the end of the afternoon. It was really great to see that people were not just coming by to get a free drink and clothes but also to stop and talk with us! We met this really nice guy named Eric who had a lot to say, and even sing! He had grown up in a family of 33 kids. Yes, 33 kids! His parent's had 7 children of their own and had adopted 25 children plus him. He had lots of hilarious stories about living with so many others and all of his in-laws. He was an excellent singer with a deep, Frank Sinatra style sound and sang a few Christmas carols for us! Rebecca Withers had a blast listening to him sing, but would not join in with him... Bummer! Haha!

Someone asked me today about what we had been doing in DC yesterday. They wanted to know about the "mission". We had gone into DC with no mission except to be accepting, friendly and caring for the people we talked to. We did not have religious intent in what we were doing. This person was perplexed at why we didn't do the "do you know Jesus" thing. While that is important, it takes the personal bit out of what we were doing. It just seems fake to those of us down there. Not that I wouldn't share Jesus if I was asked about him, it's just that I feel that something along the lines of sharing my faith is on a more personal level and the person would have to know me and I would have to know them.

I think that my actions and the things I say should reflect Christ without me having to even mention him. If that was the case, then there would be no reason for the "do you know Jesus" thing. The people who I talked to would know there was something different. What if we could live like that? What if we could live a life that is a reflection of Christ?

Just a thought.


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glad you came!