Robert has got to be one of the coolest kids I know. My friend Meghan takes care of him in the afternoons on weekdays and she has told me so many stories about things they do together, funny stuff he says, and how much she enjoys being with him. Robert has Down's syndrome and needs the care in the afternoons when his parents are still at work. I went with them today to go get diet Coke at McDonald's in University Mall. I have never had a real experience with someone who had Down's syndrome until today. It was really great and he was hilarious. I was his "dude" today and we had fun conversations and he wore my glasses (and looked good in them! haha!). Something I noticed though was how Meghan worked with him.

She has been talking with me about all the things they do together and how she helps him with homework and things like that. She gets paid very well but I could tell she wasn't in it for the money. She loves Robert.

I wish people could love that way. Not just giving change to the Salvation Army, but whole bills, or checks even. If people could love someone or care for someone because they wanted to, like Meghan, there'd be a lot less issues in the world today.

Just a thought.


Meghan said...

:) I don't even know what to say.