Today was awesome. Greg, Cathy, Jackie and I decorated the student auditorium at my church today. It is ridiculously bright now... We put up over 20 strands of lights, hanging, wrapping, covering the stage. We put up wreaths and garland, and even made a make shift fireplace with a plasma TV and a looping video of a roaring fire. Tomorrow we are going to get stockings to hang over the TV and get a space heater to make it warm and feel like a real fire. But when I got to the last piece of garland in the box at the end of the night, I started pulling it out. It was over 100 feet long! It kept coming out of the box! Greg and I started thinking of places to put it. We thought about all around the stage would look cool, or hanging it between the two storage rooms on either side of the auditorium. Then we just decided not to because it was a lot of extra work and we were tired.

But that doesn't cut it with God. We can't just stop because we don't feel like doing something or think it is too much effort. What if we were to keep on for God until he didn't have anything left for us to do? (Not like that would really would happen, but the idea is there.) Why would we not want to do something God has asked us to do?

Just a thought.


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Im loving the tagline btw :P